The Devotion System Review

There’s no denying the fact that there are millions of single women out there hoping to find a partner. Some of them hope that the men they went on a date with would call them back… but the calls never come.
Some believe that they’ll never find the right partner because most of the guys they date only want one thing… and they want it on the first date.

Some women believe that they’re just not attractive or smart enough or good enough to find anyone to accept them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the past few years, one book has been extremely popular online with thousands of satisfied customers. Amy North’s ‘The Devotion System’ is an online bestseller that teaches women how to love themselves and attract men and love into their life.

It’s really not as difficult as you think. In fact, once you know the secrets and methods, it’s a piece of cake.
Let’s look at The Devotion System and see if it lives up to the hype…

The Good Points:
1) The book is detailed and written in a conversational manner. It’s very easy reading and truly revealing. Here’s a quick chapter breakdown:

  1. Intro
    The P.A.S.S. System
    Become a Dream Woman
    SPARK Breakdown
    Get What You Want IN a Relationship
    The Love Buzz Mindset
    What Stands Between You and Mr. Right
    6 Steps to Embracing Your Inner Marilyn
  2. Part 2: Men 101
    How Men Work
    He’s Afraid of Failure
    What Makes Men Chase You
    What Pushes Him Away
    How to Hook and Seduce Him
    The Devotion Sequence
    The 15 Types of Men
    8 Men to Avoid
    9 Subconscious Signals He Sends
  3. Part 3: Stages of Love
    The Chemistry of Commitment
    The Monogamy Message
    The Phone Phrenzy Technique
    How to Make Him Addicted to You
    The Date
    When to Sleep with Him
    His Hot Spots
    Tips to Turn Him On
    Ways to Make Him Happily Monogamous
    Preventing Infidelity
    What to Do When He Pulls Away
    Warning Signs
    Signs That He’s “The One”
    How to Let Him Down Gently
    How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Relationship
    Final Words

2) What truly impressed us about The Devotion System was that it focused on loving one’s self first. So, few books talk about this.

There’s so much focus on techniques and methods that no one really addresses the fact that you need to fill the void within yourself with love rather than with another man.

A man will NOT complete you. You must complete you. When you love and accept yourself, you’ll be emotionally and mentally healthy. Your relationships will be better and you’ll have no problems attracting and keeping a man.

3) The second and third part of the book focuses on giving a man a reason to want you. There are countless stories of men who go to countries where women are poorer and try to marry and ‘save’ these women.

This is rooted in a man’s inner desire to feel needed and want to look after a woman. This is a result of evolution.

These days, however, women are fiercely independent. With the demand for ‘equality’ and feminists trying to make it look like women are better than men, many men feel worthless now and view the woman as a threat rather than someone to approach and woo.

The Devotion System will show you how to appeal to a man’s inner desire to protect and look after you… without you appearing weak or giving up your independence. This is a fantastic way to attract a man and keep him.

4) The Devotion System is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. There’s no risk for you. Give the product a try and if you’re dissatisfied, you can always ask for a refund.

5) Besides a book, you also get a 13-part video series that makes everything easier to understand. Some people dislike reading. The videos will be more appealing here.

6) Other than showing you how to attract a man, the program also explains why some men may pull away despite your best efforts. Knowing this will help you to avoid this issue.

7) The program comes with 3 bonuses that make the entire package value for money:

  • Cheat-proofing Your Relationship
  • Finding Love Online
  • Textual Chemistry

The Bad Points:
1) Some women may feel like the whole ‘damsel in distress’ approach is demeaning and manipulative.

This is understandable, but if you wish to make a man feel protective of you and want to be with you, you’ll need to do what attracts him rather than expect things to be all black and white. Human beings have complex needs that are shades of grey. That’s just how it is.

2) This book is only available online. So, you’ll need a credit/debit card to purchase it and you’ll have to watch the videos on your computer.

Should You Get It?
An easy yes. Amy North is a fantastic author and a relationship expert. Her advice and guidance on loving yourself are enough to help most women find true love.

You can’t love anyone more than you love yourself. Millions of women think they need a man to complete them. The Devotion System teaches you that you’re good enough and that you’re all you need.

Once women realize that the world is a better place because they’re in it, they’ll have confidence and self-worth. They’ll truly know how to attract a man they deserve and not pine and hope for any of the guy to choose them.

This book is eye-opening and something that every woman should read. It gets two thumbs up from us.

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