Perfect Garlic and Rosemary Lamb Chops 🥩 | Easter Lamb Chops Recipe

Hey family, thank you so much for stopping by today I will be making lamb chops and showing you how to make them juicy and delicious. You will need some butter, olive oil, garlic, thyme, and rosemary.

My secret recipe is coming up stay tuned. This is butter and then I’m going to add some chopped up, thyme, rosemary, and garlic. So, just let that salt look at the end and we’ll use this to base our lamb chop not have this on low heat, that’s it for a second! Now, in my cast-iron skillet, I have olive oil and then I’ve also let I’m letting this buttermilk here and I’m using the butter just for flavor. I have this: it’s a little bit more oil. That then covers the pan, I’m just going to salt and pepper.

My chops just a little bit, those are beautiful colors and repeat those salt and pepper, just a little salt pepper to our face being butter, this rosemary right in our pan and then we’ll let this heat up for a few minutes and then about four or five minutes we’ll be ready to throw the lamb chops into our cast-iron skillet.


So I’ll see you if you come in close before we do that, I’m just going to add some minced garlic air to our basting butter that has been sitting on low for a little bit. I’m going to add a little more garlic over here, Rose, where’s max all right Charlotte. There have butter and olive oil. Now we’re going to throw these in a look I’ll let these cook for about four or five minutes on each side. Right now I have this keel on media. I’m gonna turn it up. Just I mean I just because our heat volleys, a little heat, only has these.

So let’s go settle in it and then I’m going to pour my basement butter and this bowl here flapper in five minutes, we’ll flip these over and base it I’ll see you inside looking and smelling. Do it all on the fat side, okay, actually, sit for a minute, and then, after we put on the fat side, we want to put them over on the other side and then the base. If I only meet five minutes, okay want to take our basting butter here with our rosemary primer violet.

Alright, you leave a couple more minutes and, then we’re almost done guys. Alright, guys, it’s been a couple of minutes, so these are just about ready to come out. Flip these one last time we’ve got some nice grill marks on me. Yeah.

Look at that nice grill marks gonna hold base, I’m telling you these are spelled flavorful, so juicy we’ll give that one more minute, and then it will take them out all right. These are ready to come out of the pan and we’re going to let these rest for about five to eight minutes: okay, so cup folks, look how beautiful it that butterfingers off I’m telling you this butter really does it makes them so much more flavorful, alright! So we’ll let those rest for a few see you in a minute now.

I did pick these with a little salt and pepper just to bring all the flavors together. Look how nice there’s our tzatziki sauce, lamb, chops, look and juicy and tender, and just scrumptious, and that’s it, guys. I hope you enjoyed this recipe and I hope you enjoy this with your Easter dinner or whatever. Dare you want to try it with me? I really hope you enjoy thanks for watching and make sure you hit that subscribe button and that little bell and I’ll see you next time.

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