How to lower sugar fast

Hey everybody,

I want to give you guys really easy blood sugar hacks. say you went a little too hard on the red velvet last night.

These are some really easy things that you can do the next time you find yourself in a situation where you’re eating lots of carbs and you want to keep your blood sugar in check.

Now chronically elevated blood sugar puts you at risk for things like insulin resistance which is the hallmark of type diabetes which can lead to a whole host of health maladies from cardiovascular disease to cognitive decline but we know that even short-term spikes in blood sugar can have detrimental effects as well, in fact a study in the Journal of experimental medicine found that even a short-term sugar blast led to changes at the genetic level which represents long-term damage from even a short-term sugar spike, but not to worry, I got you covered here for easy hacks that you can use to lower your blood sugar after a high carb meal.

  1. Take a shot of vinegar, vinegar is well documented to have blood sugar lowering effects in real time in fact there’s one study where subjects were given vinegar in varying doses along with ton of white bread and they found that the subjects that consumed vinegar with their white bread had a much lower spike in their blood sugar which is really interesting white vinegar apple cider vinegar stuff is great I would dilute it to save your throat.
  2. Throw some cinnamon on it a cinnamon has been well-documented to lower your fasting blood sugar when taken as a supplement but there was one study in in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found that when subjects sprinkled cinnamon on rice pudding they give these subjects weirdest foods their blood sugar response was less when there was cinnamon on it and this was due in part to a slowing of the digestive process now you want to be careful of the kind of cinnamon that you choose because the common Spice variety is called cassia cinnamon and in high doses can be toxic to some people so what I would do is I would go for Ceylon cinnamon or cinnamon verum which is like the true cinnamon has much less of this toxic substance called Coomer.
  3. Go for walk walking, just walking after eating a high carb meal drastically reduces your blood sugar, so if you’re out at an Italian restaurant feasting on pasta and you have the option to either get into your car after you eat or walk around the block, I would walk around the block because evidence shows that just taking a walk after high carb meal drastically reduces your post-meal blood sugar spike.
  4. Add some fat to your meal, this is really simple when you add fat to anything it slows down what’s called gastric emptying which is the shift of contents from your stomach into your small intestine, you can easily do this if you’re eating lots of pasta. You want to put olive oil on and this, is also a reason why skim milk might not be as good for you as whole milk, because even though whole milk has more fat, the resulting blood sugar from drinking skim milk is far greater than consuming whole milk, because whole milk has fat and it’s blond that sort of glycemic effect, so adding fat to anything slows down the absorption and there are a whole host of really healthy fats that are actually good for you, so I see this as being sort of a win-win situation.

Hope these article were helpful.

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