Content Samurai Review 2019

What is Content Samurai?

Content Samurai is a web-based online video creator software that helps you to create fast, easy and professional videos within a minute without a sweat.

It takes all of the features of other video makers and combines them into one awesome online tool that every internet marketer or small business owner needs – yeah, you don’t need to download or install anything on your computer.

With a fun, impulsive, simple and easy-to-use interface and a step-by-step approach, you can take your existing blog posts or pre-written scripts into professional-looking videos within minutes with just a few mouse clicks without absolutely ZERO editing experience.

Just hit “Play” below to understand how powerful and easy to use Content Samurai is.

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Using Content Samurai:-

Like I told you already, you can create great videos even if your budget is low and you can’t afford a professional videographer. You don’t even have to use (or learn how to use) a complicated and expensive video editing software.

With Noble Samurai’s awesome video tool all it takes is just a few simple steps.

  1. Login to your video creation and click the “Create A New Video” green button.
  2. The tool uses a step-by-step approach, go to the Script section (you can see the other options on the left sidebar menu) and paste or write your video title and script.
  3. If you want, you can search for and pick an image from their giant picture gallery (over 112 million royalty-free images available) or choose one from your computer.
  4. Add videos captured with your smartphone, tablet, camera or webcam, if you want.
  5. Record your video’s audio one slide at a time. This greatly eliminates the frustrating process of re-recording entire videos whenever you don’t like how it sounds or make a mistake.
  6. Add a background soundtrack.
  7. Click ‘Generate Your Video’ to conclude.
  8. When the process is over, click ‘Download Your Video’.
  9. Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook or your own server.

Video Creator Tool – Who is The Software Creator?

Content Samurai was created by Noble Samurai, an Australian software company that develops cutting edge applications and innovation software to help internet marketers maximize their online marketing success.

The company is built on top of years and years of Internet Marketing experience and has already produced household names like Market Samurai (a keyword research tool) and Scarcity Samurai (a conversion booster WordPress plugin).

Who Content Samurai For?

  • Small business owners.
  • Internet marketers.
    • Affiliate marketers.
    • Niche marketers.
    • Email marketers.
    • Social marketers.
    • Content marketers.
    • Video sales letter marketers.
  • YouTube channel owners.
  • Facebook fan page owners.
  • SEO experts trying to capture more traffic from Google and YouTube.
  • SEO agencies.

Content Samurai’s Pros?

  • Simple to use.
  • Intuitive and task-oriented interface.
  • You don’t need prior editing experience to work it with.
  • Drag and point-&-click quick actions to make it work.
  • It’s an online tool. No download or software installation required.
  • The previous point means you can use it on any computer (Windows, Mac OS or Linux).
  • With just a few clicks and a few minutes, you can have your video ready to be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook or your own server.
  • You can create your own themes. You can add your own logos and brand watermarks, include cool background images and different textures as well as personalizing the fonts and colors easily (just a few clicks of the mouse) to make even more professional-looking videos and match your company’s / site’s style and look.

Content Samurai Cons?

In spite of the Noble Samurai team is constantly trying to improve their tools, as with any software tool, nothing is pure perfection.

  • Overly priced for those on a small budget or just starting out luckily, at times, there are free trial periods going on like these.
  • It’s a fairly recent tool. Which means it has a lot to be improved (but also huge growth potential).

Price For Content Samurai!

This video maker tool will cost you a monthly fee of $97.

It might seem too much (and it is if you’re just starting out), but if you look at it as an investment that has great potential to return dividends, rankings and help build your brand, it will be totally worth it.

In the internet marketing business, we all need to put some money in — I’m not talking about crazy figures here — before starting to earn a lot more and get our investment back.

Sometimes though, there are discount offers going on during special events or dates that lower its price substantially (and that discount price goes on for as long as you keep your monthly subscription) and even free trial periods that allow you to try out the tool (and keep any videos you create) without spending any money.

Content Samurai Discount Offer!

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My Honest Opinion

Content Samurai is a pretty good and cool tool you can use easily without any prior video editing experience that is sure going to help you get rankings, views, and much more traffic to your website or online business.

Its biggest con is its price but, as I said, it’s an investment we all have to do to make our online businesses grow and make more money online. Being an online tool makes it very handy and you can use it from anywhere to produce a quick video and have people viewing and getting to know you and your brand better in under 15 minutes.

My verdict is quite positive: it gets a 4.6 score out of 5. With this tool video marketing for small businesses becomes much more accessible and affordable. I recommend Content Samurai for your video marketing campaigns.

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In my Content Samurai review, I showed what this tool is, how you can use it in your video marketing and what benefits does it bring to the table. You also understood what video marketing is and its great advantages for small businesses and other internet marketing purposes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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