Build A Container Home Review

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Building a home is a massive investment yet it’s one of the basic needs without which we cannot survive. With the high cost of constructing a home, many people are simply priced out this important human need.

But thanks to Warren Thatcher’s Build A Container Home, you can now own a home much more affordable. But what is Build Container Home™ and can it help you put a roof over your head and those of your family members?

In this article, we put these bold claims by the product to the test and tell you whether it’s worth your time or not.

What Exactly is Build A Container Home™?

Created by a known professional designer and container homes builder by the name Warren Thatcher, the Build A Container Home™ is the best way to own an affordable home. The eBook is a 65-page guide that covers helpful guides and techniques regarding how to construct a nice and firm home by only using shipping containers.

In addition to the in-depth instructions about building your container home, the DIY guide also includes clear images that illustrate the process of building your home. The guide helps you build your container home right from scratch all the way to completion and save lots of cash in the process. The information you will find here is from extensive research from 14 years. In the guide, you will find more than 25 home designs and plans.

According to Warren Thatcher, there are some factors that you must take into account when designing and constructing your home from shipping containers. This e-Guide discusses everything you need to own dream home in a very short period of time.

How Does Building A Container Home™ Work?

Build A Container Home™ is broken down into many chapters, with each tackling a specific aspect of constructing a container home.

Chapter one reveals the secrets of procuring a shipping container at the best price possible. Also, he tells you about the critical pre-inspection tips so that you get to pick the best container. If you get it wrong at this stage, your home-owning efforts will be dealt a huge blow.

Next on the second chapter Warren Thatcher lets you in on the ins and outs of obtaining a building permit. Further in the eBook, the author reveals crucial planning and layout tips.

In chapter three, you are taught how to prep the building site for foundations and concrete footing. This chapter takes a lot of time because the foundation of the house is very important and must be gotten right.

Lastly, the author discusses electrical installation and other matters which include plumbing and finishing.

The whole program is clearly and well presented and written in simple language that anyone can understand and apply. With clear diagrams, images and chats, you don’t need to be an engineer to build your own home.

What’s Included?

You no doubt want to know what you get for your money. Well, you get a lot. Apart from the guide itself, you also get other useful information that makes the process of building all the more smoother. They include the following:

How to buy a shipping container for building your home at the lowest possible price. this avoids a situation where you are fleeced on the container.

Insulation Tips: This part explains why you shouldn’t buy a shipping container before knowing how it can be insulated. Buying the wrong container type will cost you a lot in the long run. Shipping containers tend to be extremely cold during the winter and just as hot in the summer. Know the type of insulation material that will be used.

How to acquire a building permit: This is a complete instruction kit with steps on acquiring a building permit and it includes a checklist.

Layout design tips from a professional building contractor. The author makes building a container home very easy but the truth is that there are a lot of other things you need to know.

For more information, visit the author’s publisher, Warren Thatcher HERE.

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