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The Detail Of The Brain Traning For Dog By Adrienne Farricelli

Brain Traning For Dogs: Review, Author, Modules and Bonuses

Do you have a dog that likes pulling on the leash,doesn’t listen to you, chew things he shouldn’t , bark uncontrollably or likes digging all the times to an extent you regret getting him?Well, what you really need to invest in is a good dog training program. Talking about a good program, the Brain training For Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli stands out as a great
program worth your mony. The program claims it can help you get rid of the bad behavior and mold the well-behaved and obedient dog you always dream of.What makes it different from other program is the fact that it works by unlocking your dog’s natural intelligence thereby providing quick results.

Brain Training For Dogs Program Overview

Created by a professional dog trainer, the program reveals simple but proven techniques for developing your dog’s hidden intelligence. As it turns out, with adequate mental stimulation, most problem behaviors easily to go away.The Program covers every conceivable problem dog owners experience with their dogs and show you how to address these problem.Therefore, it is quite comprehensive and work for all kind of dogs no matter what behavior problem your dog has.

Accompanied by picture,troubleshooting guides, video tutorials and step-by-step directions, this guide is very easy to use to quickly eliminate bad behaviors. In addition, it contains methods that have been battle-tested and proven to work effectively in the real world of dog training.In fact, the author claims to have spent 10 years putting it together.
The author further promises that by the time you be through with the program, you will having a well-trained and obedient dog.

Who Is Behind The Program | About The Author

The Author of the program is Adrienne Farricelli, a professional CPDT – KA certified dog trainer living in Arizona. Apparently,  she has been assisting dog owners to get rid of behaviors in the dogs for the last 10 years and is so passionate about dogs. 

In addition, she has trained service dogs for military veterans and currently runs what seem to be successful cage-less board and training company. Beside, she has had her work featured in magazines including USA today and Every Dog. Troubled by number of dogs all over the world with bad behavior, Adrienne created this program to help thousands of dog owners. According to Adrienne, this program will help you have a good bond with your dog and make it obey all your commands.

What should You Expect From This Program?

This program is very comprehensive compared to most dog training program out there.According to different testimonials, it cover almost every dog behavior issue you could probably think of and details.But for ease use, the program is divided into seven different modules just like the structure of our school. First module also known as Preschool serves as the foundation of the entire course.In this module, you will learn how to communicate with your dog and keep his attention on you by looking into your eyes. Next, we have module two or simply call it elementary school. Here, you will find games like Treasure hunt, the muffin game and ball pit game to help your dog use his senses in order to complete all your commands. Further, the third module also known as high school is about teaching your dog on patience as well as impulse control. In addition, there is the university level that 

focuses more on teaching your dog to stop barking at people or other dogs and building your dog’s confidence.


As if that’s not enough, the course includes graduation stage which is more advanced. In this stage, your dog will learn to follow your movements, stick by your side and pick out toys by their name. Also, your dog’s cognitive ability will improve as well as his leg-weaving skills. Last but not least, we have the Einstein level that focuses on teaching your dog how to clean up once he is done playing and even play piano. Additionally, you get seven trick training videos addressing different areas including play dead, shake hands, take a bow, dance and cover his eyes. But it does’t end there. You will also get access to Adrienne’s huge archive that includes more than 100 articles about dog behavioral problems and force and force-free dog training techniques. In addition, you find a whole section in the program covering only about puppy training.

Does It Include Any Bonuses?

Beside the Brain Training For Dogs main course, you will get a Free Bonuses Guide – Behavior Training for Dogs. This guide covers some of the common and nasty doggy behavior issues and explains to you why they happen as well as how you can get rid of them completely. In addition, you get access to the program’s private forum where you can connect with like-minded dog owners and discuss dogs. Also the author provides you with customized solutions for behavior problem.

Benefits Of The Brain Training for Dogs Program


  • – Help transform the behavior and intelligence of your dog
  • – Access to full support once you begin using the program
  • – Zero risk as it is accompanied by 60-day money back guarantee
  • – Includes clear instructions with video tutorials and picture making it easy to follow
  • – Contains solutions for almost every dog behavior problem
  • – Written by an expert in dog training and well-researched
  • – Helps improve your relationship with the dog, its temperament,and overall health
  • – Safe as it emphasizes the use of non-hostile method
  • – Most of the reviews and testimonials about the program are positive
  • – Inexpensive compared to hiring a professional dog trainer


  • – Discounted price offer is available for a short time
  • – It is not available in physical copy
  • – Guide is quite lengthy hence can be tiring and time-consuming to read everything

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Frequently Asked Question

1) What do I get after ordering Brain Training For Dogs today?

– You will receive full access to the member’s area of Brain Training For Dogs today.

– You will get:

  • – Cutting-edge dog training science and techniques.
  • – Gentle force-free techniques ONLY.
  • – Clear instructions with pictures.
  • – Troubleshooting segments in the Brain Training course for difficult dogs.
  • – Video demonstrations of the brain training games.
  • – A HUGE archive covering almost every dog behavior problem you could think of.
  • – Tailor-made solutions for behavior problems which tackle the root cause.
  • – Exclusive information from a certified professional trainer with years of experience.
  • – Ability to submit questions directly to me for answering through my support system.
  • – A private forum where members can discuss dogs and dog training, or just chat and connect with like-minded people.
  • – An online member’s area which means you can easily access all of the information on the go.
Is there a risk here?

– The answer there is an emphatic NO.

– Absolutely not.

– Every part of Brain Training for Dogs uses 100% force-free training.

– It’s not only designed to boost your dog’s intelligence and eliminate problem behaviors, but also to develop a stronger more loving and loyal bond between you and your dog.

– Plus – there is no risk on your part because you have a 60 day money back guarantee.

– And finally many people ask…

For what length of time will this program be available?

– The answer there is – I simply do not know.

– Like I said…I provide full support for every customer.

– So I have to limit the amount of people who can purchase the course.

– So the bottom line is…

– You need to hurry,

– Hit the instant access button below right now and start your journey to a having an amazing obedient, highly intelligent dog today.


Hit the instant access button below right now and start your journey to a having an amazing obedient, highly intelligent dog today.

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